Thainstone –  proudly independent and community-owned !

Why Think Thainstone?

Thainstone is proudly independent and community-owned. Our local staff are in Angus and Perthshire to advise livestock farmers on their requirements, including access to the major north east finishing market that surrounds Thainstone.

As a leading co-operative enterprise, we bring together closely linked rural businesses forming a unique and integrated offer for our clients. We have a relentless focus on developing innovative solutions and new routes to market for those we serve across the local economy.

Think Thainstone for:

  • Newly reduced travel time to the Mart in Inverurie, comparing favourably with distance to other major markets
  • Thainstone’s co-operative community-owned structure, into which sellers in Angus and Perthshire can invest for their benefit
  • Complete Thainstone independence – securing you the very best price on the day
  • Free eve of sale lairage, lotting and preparation for sale
  • Local Thainstone canvassing staff with genuine local knowledge and access to innovative technology

Always innovating, we’re at the leading edge of new developments in market technology and practise to bring forward new routes to market for members and clients. They depend on us to deliver a fair price in the ring, and to share our revenues with them.

The Angus and Perthshire farming community should Think Thainstone.