We’re delighted to be working with a growing number of livestock farmers in Angus and Perthshire, who all benefit from new easy fast access to Thianstone on the new Aberdeen bypass. They already know the benefits - and Think Thainstone.

If, like them, you'd like to take part in upcoming sales as we move into the prime selling season, or you'd like to take some advice from one of our specialist auctioneer for Angus and Perthshire, get in touch.

The Church family

About Henry: The Church family has been farming at Rannagulzion Farm, Bridge of Cally, Blairgowrie since 1966 when Henry’s father purchased the land and moved North from Suffolk, England. The farm has 3,200 acres of rough grazing hills and sits 600 feet above sea level, rising to a high of 1,400 feet at its peak.

The family farm is run by father and son team Henry and Gordon, head stockman Neil McClymont and assistant Rob Blythe. Neil is a very experienced stockman who has worked at the farm for four years and his ability to revive calves is complemented by the Salers will to live. They are proud of their expanding herd which comprises of 230 Salers females (all born on farm except one cow), and stock bulls including four Salers and two Charolais bulls. The family also has a small herd of pure-bred Salers.

Commenting on his affinity for the Salers and Charolais breeds, Henry said: “We saw Salers for the first time in 1988 and bought two unhaltered bulls from Brian Walling, an original importer. We were impressed by the scope of the cow and its promised ease of calving. We were not disappointed as our calving problems fell by two thirds.

“Three years ago, we took a major step in buying a Charolais bull from our neighbour Peter and Allen Drysdale and we are very pleased with our Charolais Salers crosses. It has turned out to be a classic cross with very little calving problems. The Charolais gives top growth rates, structure and fleshing which the pure Salers would simply not reach, but their dairy heritage greatly benefits the Charolais calves.”

Henry & Gordon Church

Henry and Gordon have been Thainstone customers and members of Aberdeen & Northern Marts for the past two years, attending various sales in the back end.

Speaking about his experience of selling at Thainstone, Henry said: “Thainstone is like a club. It has a lovely atmosphere around the centre, and everyone is very friendly to us. The auctioneers are welcoming and speak with all customers. It’s always a good business day at the Mart.

“Before trying Thainstone, Rory made time to visit us regularly and his persistence and professionalism persuaded us to sell at ANM. We were not disappointed with our first consignment of spring calves averaging £780 or 240 pence per kg last year. Our Salers heifer calves always achieve our best prices per kg because they are hard to come by and people who know us keep coming back.

“In August 2019, we sold a top third of our autumn calves at Thainstone which sold at 11-months-old, averaging 429kgs and £973. Two years ago, same top third weighed 452kg and averaged £1,067.”

The opening of the AWPR has delivered time saving benefits to farmers in the South and Henry is seeing a positive difference:

“We usually use a local haulier Colin Duncan to transport our livestock to Thainstone. We prepare our cattle two weeks in advance of the sale and the AWPR has certainly made the journey better and improved travel times by up to half an hour for us.”

Ian Sim

About Ian: Ian is a 3rd generation farmer who is a regular Friday buyer of store cattle at Thainstone. He farms at Kincraig Farm, Brechin, with 500 acres of arable ground comprising of malting barley and cattle finishing enterprise with 600 cattle on farm at any time and approximately 2,000 finished cattle going to abattoir each year.

“The quality and consistency of stock at Thainstone are brilliant and it’s reassuring to know how the cattle were raised because you’ve bought from the same consignors for a number of years.”

“It’s good to support the same sellers each year and access the catalogue in advance of the sale. Thainstone is an open market which allows me to buy a certain type of cattle I am after and there is always a good selection of stock available.

“The auction ring offers a transparent way of buying and I enjoy coming to Thainstone to do business and meeting other farmers. The facilities are outstanding, well-planned out, and you know the stock is well-looked after.”

David Barclay

About David: David is a 3rd generation farmer and his great uncle was a past General Manager at the Kittybrewster Mart in Aberdeen. The Barclay family has a strong relationship with Thainstone and has been a customer for over the past 50 years.

He farms at Tullo of Garvock, Laurencekirk, a mixed stock and arable farm comprising 530 head of cattle (Simmental cows, Charolais and Limousin bulls) and 200 head of sheep (Suffolk and Texel) including potatoes and daffodil bulbs for export to the USA.

“Thainstone hosts regular sales and has a strong farming community. Just by attending a sale you learn more in an hour from other farmers than you can learn working all week at the farm.”

“It’s great to bring your cattle to Thainstone, sell your stock and get your money the same day – you just don’t get that type of service elsewhere. The quality of cattle is consistent and you get the best price on the day.”

Graeme Farquharson

About Graeme: Graeme is a seasonal store cattle seller at Thainstone and has traded at ANM’s plant, machinery and equipment sale.

Graeme farms at Meikle Coull Farm, Tannadice, Angus, 546 acres of mixed arable farm comprising grain crops and 130 suckler cows with a special interest in breeding Romagnola cattle.

The Farquharson family farms and runs an agricultural engineering business called Coull Farm Services which repairs and maintains their customers’ agricultural machinery.

“The AWPR bypass has made a big difference for us travelling to Thainstone and the service we receive is excellent. There are sales on a weekly basis and Thainstone has the largest buying power ringside with a market for everything. The auction is run smoothly and there is a steady flow of stock coming through the ring.”

“Thainstone staff and auctioneers are very friendly and the market has such a good atmosphere – it’s a very good set up.”