Thainstone – proudly independent and community-owned !

About Thainstone

Thainstone Mart is community-owned and part of Scotland’s most progressive farming, food and finance business. We are people-centred, proudly sharing the proceeds of our success with our members since 1872.

The Mart is a co-operative enterprise, proudly independent and with a reputation for fairness and value in bringing together buyers and sellers from across the farming community.

One of the largest markets in the UK, we provide a unique selling environment, where our professional team provides a full-service experience and our independence guarantees you best value.


At Thainstone, we are always innovating. We’re at the leading edge of new developments in market technology and practise to bring forward new routes to market for members and clients. All our sales are accessible online, and we are constantly developing new ways to market the stock that our clients bring for sale.

Whether it's new developments in technology or the retaining of our long-prized independent status, every aspect of our work at the Mart is focussed on delivering a fair price in the ring for our clients and members - and to share the benefits of our success with them.